Monday, March 26, 2007

What should school be like for every child?

Here in Ouagadougou we are fortunate, because of Leslie’s Fulbright grant, to have our children attend the International School of Ouagadougou. It is an amazing school. Most of the teachers are American expatriates, but Sukie’s is Nada Soudan, a Lebanese-Burkinabè (so, English, French, Arabic and some local languages). She organized a little “production” of the story “Caps for Sale”. Sukie was a flower, along with some of the other girls. Don’t let the picture fool you, though. Most of the children at the school are expatriate Africans or wealthy (yes, it is expensive) Burkinabè. A really nice mix. Elliot, by the way, has been reading Harry Potter from cover to cover. Burkinabè are pretty impressed that an eight-year old is reading a 600+ page book. We know though that Elliot’s friend Grant was reading the books when he was six!

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