Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mask exhibit in Dohoun

There was much celebration in Dohoun Thursday as Minister of Information Joseph Kahoun, a Dohoun native, welcomes Ambassador Jeanine Jackson to the village. The occasion was the opening, in the village library, of an exposition of Bwaba masks. The masks were mostly produced by the sculpting association of the village of Boni, under the direction of Yacouba Bonde and Abdoulaye OuĂ©draogo. Some of the masks were produced by the sculptors of HoundĂ©. Ambassador Jackson took the opportunity to present to the library and both of Dohoun’s primary schools with sets of school books that the U.S. Embassy provides to educational facilities. The books for the village library have a value of almost $700, so FAVL and the village library committee were very happy! We try to have in each library several sets of school books for the school children of the village, so this is a big help. The mask exhibit will be up in Dohoun for several months, and then will move to one of the other libraries, and a new exhibit will be mounted in Dohoun.

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