Monday, July 09, 2007

Would Jean Hegland let her children sit on a crocodile?

This is the obligatory picture from a mare sacrée (crocodile lake)... they are all over Burkina and northern Ghana, and the crocs eat a lot of chickens... Elliot has watched a lot of the late (and missed) Steve Irwin, so he was psyched... Now, I am reading Jean Hegland's Windfalls. The first five pages I started thinking uh oh... but about page twenty I got that sinking feeling that if I exercised no willpower I would stay up all night. So I put it down, reluctantly, and am very ready to start reading in a few minutes (it is late here in California).

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Anonymous said...

Don't let willpower stand in your way. Enjoy Ms Hegland fine writing anytime and anywhere.