Thursday, March 13, 2008

Books in Khartoum

I am in Khartoum for four days doing a training for an evaluation of fuel-efficient stoves. When the training ended, I went walking around town, looking for bookstores. Found one. Thrilling to see that they had the Arabic version of my book, Kordofan Invaded. Or more properly, the dusty bookshop's manager was thrilled to see me, because I bought all four copies! Then I browsed around for children's book. I didn't see any. When I asked, the manager shook his head. Children's books from Sudan? Are there any? Ah yes, there is one, he remembered! In the back. A small book printed in 1994. 50 cents. Lovely illustrations, but not a very good story (though my Arabic is somewhat rusty, it's been 15 years since I lived in Sudan). I'll scan the cover when I get back. So, elation (my book) to depression (practically no children's books) in 5 minutes.

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