Thursday, May 31, 2007

It is hot in the libraries

German library science student Claudia Entrup did survey work in our Ghana libraries last spring. Here is a little of what she wrote:
In connection with the survey users were asked about their satisfaction with the library services in Sumbrungu and Sherigu. Results were predominantly positive and thus confirmed the libraries to be on the right track. There are some aspects though that were criticized and therefore demand attention. General conditions in the library such as opening hours, furniture, lighting and air were rated by the users and have clearly been found satisfactory (with over 80% in each of the conditions to be evaluated) – with the exception of the air in the libraries. 44.7% of Sumbrungu and 54.1% of Sherigu primary and junior secondary school students stated to be dissatisfied or even very dissatisfied with the air conditions. Even though both libraries have a solar panel that energizes the lights, the panels are not strong enough to provide electricity for fans. However, the Sumbrungu library features fans in each of its three study rooms which could be used, an appropriate electricity source provided. While during the day the library buildings protect users from the torrid sun, they are extremely hot in the night as the heat has been stored within the walls of the building. Concentration becomes very difficult and users frequently have to interrupt their work to get fresh air outside.
I know just what she means… we need electricity and some fans. Help support our move to the “electrified” Sumbrungu Women’s Center!

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