Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lucas and Darius in Sumbrungu and the Women's Center

Thought I would share some pictures from my recent two day trip across the border. The Women's Center that will house the library is coming along nicely. You will notice the electric boxes- the library will have electricity, an enormous plus. But there is no photo of the septic tank. Why not? We need a donor! Five hundred dollars will go a long way in rural Ghana. Please help! The whole building is already an amazing example of international cooperation between Roden Werkgroup in Netherlands, Osu Children's Library Fund in Canada, and Friend sof African Village Libraries. Lucas and Darius, Sumbrungu librarians (sporting their SCAAP t-shirts just sent by SCU volunteers Mia and Jenevieve). At least three volunteers will be staying in Sumbrungu this summer to help work on moving the library and starting some summer reading programs for children and adults.

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