Thursday, May 15, 2008

65 boxes of books on the way....

The Ministry of Culture of Burkina Faso, through the offices of the National Library of Burkina Faso, donated 65 boxes of French books, a mix of used and new books, to the five libraries supported by FAVL in the province of Tuy. Here's the photo of the presentation of the donation. There's a check with the books too, but that's still winding its way through the bureaucracy. FAVL and the five libraries are very grateful to the Ministry of Culture. It's really rewarding to see the Ministry rewarding our local-international NGO partnership. We hope it is just the beginning of a productive relationship. Featured in the photo are FAVL representative Viviane Nabie (first from left) and FAVL regional coordinator Koura Donkoui (third from left), along with representative from the National Center for the Reading and Culture (CENALAC), Madame Zoungrana Laurence (fourth from left) and a representative of the National Library, BANSERNE St├ęphane (second from left).

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