Monday, May 19, 2008

Available for free download... reader development in Africa

Reader Development and Reading Promotion: Recent experiences from seven countries in Africa

I browsed through some of the chapters online- pretty spotty in terms of quality, unfortunately. But great as an introduction and way to get some ideas. The publisher's blurb:
Reader development activities by public libraries in different regions of Africa are examined through a case study approach. Reading has a crucial role to play in creating independent learners, and in helping people understand themselves and others better. Although the promotion of books and reading has long been an activity carried out by libraries, the recognition that librarians need to be actively involved in the reading development of children, young people and adults is a recent development. Among the programmes included are books for infants, reading competitions, reading tents, reading enrichment schemes, book-based literacy instruction, women's reading corners, promotion of reading to adult learners.

The publication of this book is the result of requests made by participants at a workshop on Reader Development and Reading Promotion, held during the Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern African Librarians (SCECSAL) in Johannesburg in April 2002. Financial assistance has been made available through The Carnegie Corporation of New York's current programme supporting the development of public libraries in Africa.

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