Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News from Sumbrungu library...

Calabash Art and Computer classes. Sounds like high school everywhere. From Darius Asanga, Sumbrungu librarian:
As it was stated in the previous reports, which concerns of the change of syllabus of Junior High Schools in the education curriculum, as a result, new subjects were added and these subjects are French, Information Technology (I.C.T), Catering and Calabash Art which are made compulsory for every student to study. This, therefore, calls for the acquisition of such books to meet the yearning demand of the students. Meanwhile, most of them are also receiving their computer practice from the coordinator’s personal computer in the library. There is assurance that no matter how great the number is, each and every one will eventually get access to the computer for his or her practical. It is always done by selecting two to three students into the coordinator office by the computer master (Teacher) until every student had his/her practical, this desire of students to study computer leads to a suggesting that, if two or more computers could be acquire for the training of students it would have being another greatest achievement to the entire student body in the communities.

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