Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slow news isn't good news

FAVL blog is a little slow these days since I am traveling with 26 other family members. Lots of book reading also (my family are all readers). For myself, Italo Calvino, If on a winter's night a traveller... which my mother brought. A wonderful book for reading while traveling on a bus for hours at a time.

Unfortunately, while we are enjoying good weather, and Spain's victory, the rains in northern Ghana are not so pleasant, and they have blown the roof off the Sherigu library. Pictures at right. Some of you will recall this is the second such case- last year it was the Bereba library's turn. A sad fact of life in rural Africa that can only be resolved by... you guessed it... more careful attention, more work, more funds.


Deb Garvey said...

As Kate Parry, FAVL co-director for West Africa, emailed me privately after we received word of the loss of the Sherigu library's roof, is there any way to prevent the libraries' roofs blowing off in high winds?

We've now lost two library roofs in the past two years - Bereba and Sherigu. Can FAVL purchase sturdier roofing materials and/or encourage better construction techniques when we replace the Sherigu roof?

Deb Garvey, FAVL treasurer

Teresa said...

In some states in the U.S., it is required to have 'hurricane tie-downs'. Not being a builder, here is my explanation - they are something like a metal strap bolted to the foundation and a major beam etc. Could you ask a contractor friend for a better explanation - and add it to the plans?