Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can a book change your life?

Elliot was sick all day yesterday, lots of vomiting. A stomach bug that Leslie also had. Fine today, but low energy. So browsing the Ouagadougou "FAVL guesthouse" shelves, he came across Where there is no doctor and he has been reading it non-stop for about 8 hours. The illustrations are, of course, superbly interesting to a ten year old, and he finally gets to learn about how the body actually works. This ain't fourth grade anymore! As any expat knows, normally this is read at age 20... with the same shock of discovery. Calling all FAVL volunteers- the books can be ordered online from the publisher... please do take initiative and order copies for our libraries and others- English for Ghana and French for Burkina Faso. Send them to FAVL headquarters or to the libraries direct- the addresses are on the website,


Teresa Jolly Holt said...

Michael - Let's talk about perhaps buying them in quantity through my bookstore connection. I would be happy to help in this way and with other titles as well.

Teresa said...

I've checked on this title and it is not carried by any of our distributors. It is available through Powell's for $18 plus shipping and handling. There is also an edition for Africa.