Sunday, July 13, 2008

Want your child to be in the reading camp? A farmer from Popiho does...


We are working in Ouagadougou to prepare the protocol/guide for our two week summer reading camp that we are going to run in the five villages. We already did the "pre-camp" reading tests, and informed students and parents. Apparently when the team was doing the tests, one father from Popiho, a village about 10km from the Bereba village library, told some members of our team that normally his son would come out and work in the fields during the summer, but this year he was going to make sure the boy could attend the camp, and spend the two weeks with relatives in Bereba.

A little anecdote that perfectly illustrates the point of the summer reading program: to encourage parents to give opportunities and time to their school children to read in the summer!

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