Monday, September 01, 2008

A FAVL friend writes...

I came across information suggesting the Howard University library in D.C. has some expertise in the area of French-language literature related to Africa. So I contacted them asking for information about relevant books that my son might try to find for his library project. I heard back from Mr. Mohamed Mekkawi, Director of Libraries for Howard University. I’ve pasted below the relevant information he sent me. Your organization may be familiar with these resources and with Mr. Mekkawi, but if any of it is new information and useful to FAVL, that would be gratifying.

Lisons tous, Vol 1.

Lison tous, Vol 2.

You'll also find a whole list of African French language books with illustrations--good material for beginners in this language.

I also suggest browsing my website "French Connection" for additional materials, esp under the rubric "Franchphonie":

Mekkawi, Mohamed, M.A.

Director of Libraries, Howard University

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