Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kitengesa Community Library is the proud possessor of an eGranary

Kate Parry writes:
As you know, the Kitengesa Community Library [in Uganda} is the proud possessor of an eGranary – that is, a hard disk with literally millions of texts on it, mostly taken from the Internet, and with software so that you can search them. We installed it early this year, but in the first few months it wasn’t being used very much – only by the librarians and a couple of the library scholars. Now, however, we have a Canadian volunteer working at the library, and her particular task (and research project) is to teach people how to use the eGranary and record its use. The result,to quote her: "E-granary has created mild chaos in the library. Order in the court! Big crowds have started to cause a lot of disturbance...". All this strengthens the case for getting our new computer centre up and running...

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