Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Vice Presidential candidates on Darfur

I try in this blog not to comment too much about stuff unrelated to reading/Africa, but Darfur and Sudan are issues that have interested me for a long time (Leslie and I lived in a small village in Kordofan, Sudan in 1989-90). Here's what they said:
Biden (was asked first): I don't have the stomach for genocide when it comes to Darfur. We can now impose a no-fly zone. It's within our capacity. We can lead NATO if we're willing to take a hard stand. We can, I've been in those camps in Chad. I've seen the suffering, thousands and tens of thousands have died and are dying. We should rally the world to act and demonstrate it by our own movement to provide the helicopters to get the 21,000 forces of the African Union in there now to stop this genocide.

Palin: ...[first talked about Biden and Iraq]... But as for as Darfur, we can agree on that also, the supported of the no-fly zone, making sure that all options are on the table there also.
The complete transcript is here. The Sudan-related media picked it up immediately as both candidates agreed to favor a no-fly zone.

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