Monday, April 28, 2008

Post from Meghann Coughlin on the library in Niankorodougou, Burkina Faso

Things are going great in Niankorodougou. In January we formed the official library committee (pictured) which is made up of 6 members under the direction of the village mayor Mr. Drisa Ouattara. Below you will find a short bio of the committee members and attached are several pictures of the committee and new librarian. We have held somewhat regular meetings the past several months to discuss logistics of opening the library and promoting it throughout the community. In February, two representatives from Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL) came to Niankorodougou to give a brief training on how other library committees function and to help select a librarian. The two representatives, Mr. Drisa and I interviewed three candidates for the job and selected a Mr. Moussa Ouattara. Mr. Moussa will be going to visiting another FAVL library in the village of Bereba the first week of May to complete an official librarian training.

This past week, the committee and librarian met to finalize all library regulations. I have also been in contact with the grant organization we are hoping will donate all the necessary funds to buy books and general materials. We should get their final decision the first week of May so keep your fingers crossed for us! If all goes well and we receive the funding, I will be heading up to the capital Ouagadougou with Mr. Moussa to purchase all of the books and materials. And then you can expect lots of pictures and information of our up and running library… Regardless of whether or not we receive funding from the grant organization, we still need to raise more money to cover operating costs. You can support the library by sending donations to Friends of African Village Libraries ( and also by spreading the word to family and friends. Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation. Every $1 makes a big difference.

Name: Monsieur Ouattara Drissa (President)
Village: Niankorodougou
Work: Mayor of Niankorodougou
Name: Monsieur Ouattara Dramane (Vice President)
Village: Niankorodougou
Work: Cotton producer and Vice President of the Cotton Union
Name: Monsieur Ouattara Lassina (Treasurer)
Village: Tagouassoni (5 kilometers from Niankorodougou)
Work: Vender and member of the secondary school parents’ board
Name: Monsieur Ouattara Siaka (Account Manager)
Village: Niankorodougou
Work: Restaurant owner and member of the primary school parents’ board
*Not pictured in photograph
Name: Madame Ouattara Tene (Secretary)
Village: Fanifaso (4 kilometers from Niankorodougou)
Work: Rice producer and lunch cook at secondary school
Name: Monsieur Ouattara Issa (Secretary Adjoint)
Village: Niankorodougou
Work: Cotton producer


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