Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stian has a blog!

And it's amazing. I liked this entry on education in Africa.... an excerpt:
Brock-Utne makes a compelling case for how African education systems are failing African youth through provision of inadequate and inappropriate knowledge through a language that is poorly mastered. When performing poorly in international standardized tests, the language issue is seldom taken into consideration. While many studies show very significant impacts on learning, international donors often press for the continuing use of colonial languages, and both the British Council and the Alliance Francaise lead an almost neo-colonial policy of donating equipment and textbooks on the condition that courses be taught in their languages, even at the first levels of primary schools.
Reminds me of a dissertation I am waiting to read...
Lavoie, Constance, Éducation bilingue et développement humain durable au Burkina Faso, Université McGill , PhD Études intégrées en éducation (Sciences de l’Éducation).

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