Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Publishing in Uganda

James Tumusiime of Fountain Publisher in Uganda was profiled a year ago in the Monitor, of Kampala.
But while his journalism days did eventually end, it is likely he will not be quitting publishing. "It [Fountain] has kept us going...the industry is now serious," he said. As we spoke that Wednesday, it was clear that although the figures still bother him--Germany has 4,500 booksellers and Uganda only 150, he said he finds comfort in the modest accomplishments of the past few years, developments that came from almost nothing, achievements he continues to seek. He considers Animal Farm his favourite book "because it brings out humanity the way we know it".

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cisler said...

Given the crisis of the supply line from Kenya, and the normal high cost of importing paper, ink, etc. the costs must be very high for everthing from newspapers, to books, to pamphlets. Compared to perhaps South Africa.

Steve Cisler