Thursday, December 11, 2008

FAVL friend Shane Auerbach writes:
I really like your list of West African novels on Amazon. I think that you should consider adding Massa Makan Diabate from Mali to that list. Like L'etrange destin de Wangrin, Diabate's novels are an incredible bookmark in Malian history. The humor in his novels is unbeatable, and it's also fascinating to consider his development as a writer, given his family's tradition as a family of griots (Described well in an biography of Diabate written by Cherif Cheick Keita). Although he wrote several Sunjata fasas, for me his most important work is his trilogy of novels:

Le Lieutenant de Kouta
Le Coiffeur de Kouta
Le Boucher de Kouta

They're all based in Kita, Mali. I think all of them merit being on your list. If you had to pick one, however, I would probably stick with the first, Le Lieutenant.

Anyway, keep up the good, and important, work that you do.

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