Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Goree Island, Senegal

It was my second time on the island (previously a short trip accompanied by noted Africanist historian Sara Berry... who could ask for better company?). This time, about ten days ago, was an ever greater pleasure, accompanying our FAVL coordinators Koura Donkoui and Saré Elisee. It was their first time on a motored boat (as opposed to a canoe), and we were all agog at the giant container ships in Dakar Port. We were gaga over the neat and clean and friendly Goree Island was- just beautiful. La vie tranquille was a refrain heard a lot. Everywhere there were little displays of art for sale, especially what they called recyclage, using recucled materials tp make collages and sculptures. The visit to the "slave house" was an especially good learning moment, as on the boat ride over we had read the sceptical Lonely Planet guide, so when we got to the museum we appreciated both the slave trade history and the economics of slave trade tourism!

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