Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twenty Challenge Program

Kate Parry writes:

The Kitengesa Community Library has begun another month of its Twenty
Challenge Program: seventeen students have signed up this time round and are
now trying to read twenty books in the course of the month. They began
yesterday, when I was there; one of them had already read two books by the
end of the day, and several of them had read one. Dan (the librarian) is
very conscientious in asking them questions about the books when they return
them in order to be sure that they've actually read them. As for me, I'm
trying to measure the effects of the program on the students' English (they
can, of course, read Luganda books if they like, but for the most part they
read English ones), so yesterday I gave them a test; I'll give them another
one of exactly the same kind next month. We'll see what happens!

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