Friday, June 26, 2009

Book inventories

FAVL volunteer Madelyn Bagby and FAVL regional coordinator Sanou Dounko have been doing inventories of the libraries. In general things are going well, but one library, Koumbia, had way too many lost and late books over the past five years. This library had been having some management problems, and is the furthest from our central "zone," so it is not surprising. The librarian has since been replaced with a new librarian. We will be keeping close watch. Note that the number for Karaba, 19 books lost, is the total lost over a five year period (i.e. since inception)... so about 3 books lost per year. Everything is tracked manually, and there are lots of occasions where a child might step out with a book without letting the librarian know. So that is very reasonable. But Koumbia was definitely a problem. They have not done the inventories for Bereba yet, and Boni and Dimikuy just opened.

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