Saturday, June 06, 2009

Books for South Sudan

Teresa Jolly Holt sent us the following:
Subject: Library books

Dear Teresa,
We are a recent faith based organisation in southern sudan. WE are a
group of religiuos congregations living and working in Upper Nile State in
Souhtern Sudan. WE are having Inservice teacher training programmes for
prmary teachers. But the dire need is teaching English and the non
availability of English reading material is a drawback. We woud be grateful
if we could know how and what we do to apply for books from your resources.

Our mail address is:

Rev. Vincent Mojowk
Bishop's House,
Catholic Church
Uper Nile State
Southern Sudan

The good people at African Library Project and Books for Africa are the best NGOs for this type of request... they do great work.

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