Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A library for Pobe Mengao, in Burkina Faso

Emilie Crofton, a dynamic Peace Corps volunteer in northern Burkina Faso, is working closely with the community of Pobe to get a library started. She's launched a blog and will be working with FAVL to get the library operational. The community already has a mueum (pictured) which is really neat. I can't wait to visit!

Here's how Emilie describes her work and the village:
My name is Emilie Crofton, from San Jose California. I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso. I am volunteering as a Girls Education and Empowerment volunteer in the village of Pobe Mengao, located in the Soum province about 25k south of Djibo. The commune of Pobe Mengao has roughly 6,000 people. There is a local health clinic, primary, secondary and Franco-Arab school. Pobe's population is made up of Mossi, Peul and Korumba ethnicities. The Korumbas speak Korumfe, a local language that is slowly dying off and the village is fighting to keep alive. In 2004 a German NGO helped create a small museum in the village to help preserve the Korumba culture.

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