Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Calling all "friends"

What books are great for kids in African villages to read? A question that we all wonder about. Theresa Jolly Holt wrote in with some new suggestions:

Akimbo & the Elephants $4.99 paperback Alexander McCall Smith
Akimbo & the Lions $4.99 paperback Alexander McCall Smith
Akimbo & the Snake $4.99 paperback Alexander McCall Smith
Beatrice’s Goat @Uganda (USA) 7.99 P 9780689869907 McBrier
Coincidentally this morning I was thinking about a great book to share with young adults in Ghana and other English-speaking countries (and even in Burkina, where there are some English readers)... and it is Dreams from My Father, by, guess who? Barack Obama.

So go support your local used bookstore owner, or go garage-saling this weekend, and send some of these books off to the libraries in Ghana:

Sumbrungu Community Library


Box 267
Bolgatanga GHANA

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