Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Dakar but analyzing data from Ouagadougou

Hopefully in the coming days I'll have something interesting to blog about, but so far it has been a working trip to Africa: I spent a lot of time holed up in the hotel analyzing data from the November reading test that my Ouagalais colleagues Alain Sissao and Felix Compaore sent me. So I would be able to see how the three reading groups that were in FAVL's summer reading program fared over the summer, except... I forgot the crucial file that listed who was in each program! Well, I will get it soon enough, and meanwhile there are other things to analyze. Here, for example, are two graphs that show indices that aggregate various scores on various components of the reading test, for male and female students in grade level CM2 (about 5th grade). As can be seen, boys performed slightly better than girls. Everybody performed very poorly on the reading comprehension (multiple choice) tests; the teachers themselves were surprised.

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