Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinua Achebe returns to Nigeria

Nigeria: We Need Change in Country - Achebe

Catherine Agbo

20 January 2009

Abuja — Professor Chinua Achebe challenged Nigerians yesterday to be determined to make a change in the socio-political and economic affairs of the nation.

He spoke at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel during an interactive session with journalists and writers. "I must confess very profound disappointment with what is happening on the African continent concerning elections and succession", he said.

"The idea of a civilised society is that power is transferred willingly because the law is there but somehow in Africa, we still have not learnt this very important fact that unless you have a process that makes succession easy and friendly such that even opponents can smile at each other unless we get there, we still have a very long way to go; politics is not war fare, it is discussion.

"We have to be convinced and really determined to make Nigeria one. It is only when we as Nigerians decide that we have had enough that things will change; there is change in America today because somebody got up and said let there be change. It can be done here but you cannot continue going round the circles and expect change. The day we decide it is time for a change I think we will get there".

Read more... and then look at some of the virulent comments. Can someone make money if Achebe leaves and never returns? is there an intrade bet on whether he'd leave? otherwise, how to explain the vehemence?

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