Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ifeoma Onyefulu's children's books

From her publisher, Frances Lincoln:
Award-winning author Ifeoma Onyefulu is Igbo and grew up in the city of Onitsha in Eastern Nigeria. She moved to London to study and worked for a number of black newspapers as a photographer before becoming an author of children's books. Her older son inspired her first book. Disturbed by the stereotypical images of Africa projected in Western media and literature, she was worried that he might grow up with distorted views of his ancestral home. "I began writing for children because I wanted to show him the Africa I grew up in, and its culture."

Onyefulu's internationally-acclaimed photography has been described by Books for Keeps as 'stepping from a darkened room straight into noon sunshine.' She lives and writes in North London where she lives with her two sons.
See her books at her website.

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