Monday, January 26, 2009

Dangerous library work... Lucas Amikiya has an accident, and the aftermath

About my accident it was on the 11th of January. On my way home, I got to my house turn and showed my light that I was turning to my left and the car was at my back far from me and I made the turn and crossed to the other side of the road to my house site on the Navrongo lean and unknowingly this car was also on a very top speed and tried to overtake me and finally cleared me on the side of the road at the Navrongo lean. I fell at the gutter unconscious and the Car was carrying the motorbike on the site until it stopped.

A lot of people came out and the driver was attempting to run and they asked him to send me the hospital which he did and after that he came and told the people that it was his problem and that he will take all the cost involved and so the matter should not be reported to the police. He paid a visit to me the following day and took records of the parts of the motorbike and said he was going to bring them so that the motor would be fixed and taken to the mechanic for repairs because it is totally damaged beyond movable and I agreed and even told him that bike was for sale and that I would be happy if I can get it fixed in time to enable me give it out and collect my money. I said this because someone already brought it at 450 cedis only and I hadnot agreed. Since then I have never set my eye on him. I only made a call to him on two occasions and he said he was very busy.

The owner of the car is a worker at Ghana Water Company at Navrongo but he was not from that direction. I have now taking a decision with Rex to go to the office to see if I can meet him then I tried reporting it to the police. Apart from that George who is with the same company is saying that he will do he best to get him pay for the cost. I have just even returned from the office and I had a meeting with him and we both agreed that we meet again tomorrow to buy the parts and take it the mechanic see if he can get it fixed then I sell it. I have reported it to Rex and George about it and they are saying that I should meet tomorrow and make sure the motorbike is sent to the mechanic see if he can work on it.

About my health, I had a lot of wounds and a shoulder problem which I believe is a dislocation. I was at the hospital again on the 22nd and they Dr. was trying to take an X-ray but the specialist was not around so he gave me some drugs to take see if it is paining me then I come back. I have take a local treatment now and it is improving.

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