Friday, July 17, 2009

Initiative, how do I love thee...

I can't tell you how interesting it is for me to get an email like this from our coordinator in Sumbrungu, Lucas Amikiya. They want to spend $150 on a one day summer camp for 100 kids. This will be the first ever kid-centered activity in Sumbrungu! (I did reply saying that 100 kids is too many, that they should make it smaller and by invitation... randomized invitation, of course.)

The librarians are planning to have a one day camp for children to do a workshop sim1lar like what we did when kathy came and it will include quiz, games, the best reader, and others. This is going to be a day. The rest of the libraries will come to sumbrungu for it.

We thought having it in town but we will spent so much if mean to do it in town. Our budget is as follows.

1. Sherigu and Kunkua Transportation 40.00
2. Awards to those will part take 20.00
3. Food and Water 70.00
4. Allowances 20.00

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