Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspiring a reading culture in Burkina Faso..

While sorting through Ashoka Fellows involved in rural development today at work, I happened upon Dieudonné Par, an Ashoka Fellow, passionate about inspiring a culture of reading in Burkina Faso!
"Dieudonné Paré has created a culture of reading in Burkina Faso through his community-led book program. By first rehabilitating discarded books and those no longer in circulation, he brings refurbished materials to rural areas through his “books-on-bikes/motorcycle” program. Providing books for rent to rural and urban youth who lack access to reading materials and libraries, Dieudonné encourages learning, reflection and an understanding of the importance of the written word as a tool for effective citizenry. " (Ashoka Website)
Read more about his idea and strategy here: It is a unique, sustainable and scalable model! It'd be interesting to get a list of the books he rehabilitates and shares.

What do you think?


Teresa said...

WOW! When are you going to meet him? So many possibilities to collaborate with him - perhaps a training for FAVL librarians, or perhaps his idea is the way to introduce the library concept to an area & once people are accustomed to paying for books then a physical library can be established that can be self-sufficient, or . . .

aangino said...

I know! The possibilities seem endless..