Thursday, April 09, 2009

Crocodile Bread crossing the border right now...

Sare Eisee, FAVL Ouaga rep., is on his way back from Bolgatanga, Ghana with 400 copies of the Dioula and French translation of Crocodile Bread. Elisee did the French translation, and helped on the Dioula. Kathy Knowles, of Osu Children's Library Fund, did another superb job in conceiving and creating the book, and also finding the funding to print so many copies- thank you OCLF!!!! The book is very cute. My kids both got a big kick out of it, and the kids in the libraries in burkina are also going to enjoy it immensely. Hope the border police don't like it too much, though.

(My apologies for the scan that cut off Kathy's name.)

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