Sunday, April 12, 2009

Godfrey Kateregga of Kitengesa library

Kate Parry writer:
This is the first of what will I hope be many stories. In this case, Godfrey, who, as he says, was our first library scholar, and he was sponsored by the Youth Millenium Project (at least for the first year. Godfrey then went on to be a "nursery scholar" for Leigh Fox's forestry NGO, FADA, which subsequently developed a commercial arm called Fair Trade Carbon. It's all connected because Leigh got the idea of the nursery scholarship scheme from our library scholarship one - and the association continues because Leigh is using some of our new plot of land for his nursery beds, and Godfrey is tending them until he goes to university. I'm attaching a recent photo of Godfrey with some of his plants.


My name is Godfrey Kateregga, who have a dream from childhood to be a doctor, I am a worker in ``FAIR TRADE CARBON UGANDA LIMITED``. I was a student of Kitengeesa comprehensive secondary school from 2002 up to 2005. I have been a student of Masaka senior secondary school from 2006 to 2008. In 2004, I was chosen to be the first library scholar at Kitengesa community library. This scholarship was given to me through professor Kate Parry by a group of people called the ``YOUTH MILLENIUM PROECT ( YMP)``. I was given this chance just because I was a good behaving boy moreover I was always disturbed by school fees as my family was not able to raise all that much at that level. This was a joyful chance to me because I studied comfortably my form three and four. When I finished my form four in 2005 then I had to leave the scholarship just because the school had no advanced level which I was to join that time. I had passed very well and fortunately I was chosen by Leigh Fox to be one of his workers in the Fair trade carbon company and this had to help me raise money for my advanced level. At this level, I offered all the sciences;- physics,chemistry,biology and mathematics. This was to fulfill my dream. Good enough, I studied very well and at the end of it all I passed with a possibility of being a doctor. On my stand I would like to thank the following individuals; Professor Kate Parry for bridging, mobilising and keeping in place all the activities offered by the source of knowledge, Kitengesa community library. I would also like to thank the librarian Mr.Ahimbisibwe Daniel for the wonderful supervision and training of the activities in the library which was a source of good management to me in and out of the library. I also thank very much YMP for that offer given to me. Lastly my thanks goes to the rest of the library care givers for the good work done towards my education and to the library. I am also looking forward to raise money for my university.


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