Saturday, April 04, 2009

A message forwarded to FAVL... from South Sudan

Sudan is dear to my heart, and why shouldn't a network of community libraries get started there? We'll start a Ning network page soon.

Dear colleagues

I am pleased to inform you that yesterday, April 1, a public community
library was opened in Mundri town. This public library was made possible
through the generous contribution of the local community of Mundri.

The fund for the construction of Mundri Community Library was raised locally
on 20-26 September 2008. In that period of one week, Mundri Relief &
Development Association (MRDA) organised young volunteers who moved
house-to-house in Mundri and Kotobi to collect money and in-kind
contribution. The community fund raising initiative raised SDG 14,777 in
cash and SDG 6,863 in pledges. We used part of that money (SDG 3,500) to
renovate a clinic for under 5 children in Mundri PHCC and the rest to
construct and furnish the community library, which was opened yesterday. The
under five clinic was opened on October 6, 2009 and is doing very well.

I am pleased that a dedicated group of young women and men have toiled hard
and we now have in Mundri Town a centre of learning and culture for all
people. Unfortunately, we don't have enough books in the library. We bought
some books (worth SDG 1,465) but this is not enough. When we opened the
library yesterday most of the selves were empty!

Do you have any book that you could donate to Mundri Community Library? We
are looking for books for young readers - both school children and out of
school youth. We would also appreciate books for general readers. UN/NGO
publications are welcome. If you are in Juba and you would like to provide
books for Mundri Community Library please drop them to Trudy van Ommeren,
who has kindly accepted to collect books for the library. Trudy works with
ICCO as Programme Manager of Capacity Assessment and Development Programme
(CADEP). You can reach Trudy on or +249 126 148
560. We will arrange to transport the books from Juba to Mundri.

If you need more information about the Mundri Community Library or want to
know more about MRDA and the work we do, please contact me on the addresses

I look forward to hearing from you

Kennet Korayi
Director, MRDA
PO Box 339, Juba, SUDAN

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