Thursday, April 23, 2009

New blog from folks at Under the Reading Tree

Check it out- they just started and it has a nice look and so far very interesting postings... excerpt here...

We were further encouraged when we visited a couple of schools INFORALL has been working on ’sensitizing’ about reading. We toured St. Jared’s Secondary School, attended by 250 local students, some of which are boarders from further away. While many of the students eyes glazed over when we asked them about INFORALL’s library, we met with a very enthusiastic Information Club, with a couple of dozen members. Michael, INFORALL’s librarian, has been working with these students to make them aware of the library and its resources as well as encourage them to study, learn and write together on a weekly basis.

In our discussions with the group, they asked us for funding that would allow them to publish a regular ‘magazine’ or newsletter that would feature local news, articles and other material submitted by the club’s members as well as other contributors. We couldn’t promise anything, but really appreciated their enthusiasm and are thinking we could try and find a high school in Canada that would be willing to fundraise/sponsor this small project and perhaps even enter into a semi-regular dialogue with the Information Club at St. Jared’s.

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