Friday, April 17, 2009

Workshop in Sumbrungu with Kathy Knowles

Kathy (director of Osu Children's Library Fund) was kind enough to take the time (she is tireless, really!!!) to visit the three libraries (Sumbrungu , Sherigu and Gowrie-Kunkua) up in the Bolgatanga area. I was very happy she could do that, because our Ghana librarians are definitely in need of training. In Burkina we have a great team that is constantly innovating, but the Bolga area libraries seem to be having a harder time to move forward. They are more isolated, in many ways, despite Ghana being more "connected" and wealthier than Burkina. Anyway, here's some snapshots of the workshop.

(And what is most interesting to me... really, is that now I see the "floor" that Lucas Amikiya, our Bolga area coordinator, was proposing. A kind of vinyl sheeting that sticks to the cement floor. It looks pretty decent, actually.)

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