Monday, March 09, 2009

Libraries and women's health

Deb Garvey writes:

This New York Times' article on fistulas (internal injuries suffered by women in developing countries who lack access to peri-natal health care), reminds us of the importance of the long-term goal of FAVL: its mission to build and support sustainable libraries for the long run.

One of FAVL's village libraries is located in Mvumi, very close to Dodoma, the setting of this disturbing article. FAVL's library model fosters long-term development and improvement of girls' lives: by stocking school books that help a child stay in school and encouraging a love of reading, we help young girls complete more education, reduce the likelihood of early marriage and the risky childbearing that follows.

Read the full article here: After a Devastating Birth Injury, Hope

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Anonymous said...

That was a difficult article to read, how sad for all involved. If literacy can help to bring about changes for even a few, we need to keep doing what we are doing to support the village libraries.