Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Performance evaluations of librarians [sigh]

Yes, even in remote villages in northern Ghana, this is something that has to be done... here's an example... Interestingly, the government of Burkina Faso moved to starting annual performance evaluations and goal-setting for civil service employees... most understand it as some kind of "americanization" project... It is indeed somewhat tedious, but what is the alternative? I once heard an HR person on the radio say would be better for employees to write their own performance evaluations...
It is my pleasure to write a short summary evaluation of your performance as librarian of Sumbrungu Community Library over the past year. I have been directed to write this evaluation letter to you by Professor Michael Kevane, president of FAVL, and by the CESRUD Board. The main objective of this, is to give you a guide about how well you are performing and how to improve your performance as librarian.

You are hereby requested to read the letter carefully and speak with me about it. You may also discuss the letter with Michael directly, and with Rex Asanga and other board members of CESRUD. Over the 2008 year, you have done a good job as the librarian in fulfilling your basic duties of opening the library on time and respecting the opening hours. The library has been kept neat. Books are kept in good order on the shelves. A reading club was established among other.

However, there are some of the areas that I feel you could have done more better to improve library services and make the library a resource for young students in primary school and also for adult readers, specifically:-
- Neatness of the library, you some days fails to clean or dust the furniture in the library.
- Opening hours, the library was sometime closed down with permission from Authority and no notice pasted you spent little time in the library and leaves it in the care of an unskilled person.
- Reports writing: - Your reports were always late to be submitted and forwarded without excuse from anybody.
- Organisation of library programme: - Some of the existing programme was not stable. It was on and off programme.

These are the few among others which where discussed at librarians monthly meeting. I hope you will take this as a challenge to improve upon them this 2009 year. After consultation with professor Michael and Mr. Rex Asanga we have determined that your bonus for 2008 should be amounted to Forty Ghana cedis (GH¢40.00) only. Congratulation, and all the best for the coming year 2009.

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