Monday, March 09, 2009

Click on the 'budget picture' to get a larger more readable view...

Here is the proposed 'bare minimum' 2009 budget for Kitengesa Community Library in Uganda. We think it gives a pretty good idea of the $3,000 recurrent costs of running an excellent small community library. It is an underestimate, of course, because part of the reason that Kitengesa runs so well, and has such an impact, is because Kate Parry helps out so much, and her "labor" is donated. Other libraries would not be so lucky. Part of our mission at FAVL is to create the inexpensive management infrastructure that can substitute for people like Kate and myself. Expanding and rotating the book stock is another area that is difficult to budget for, because over the course of the year various opportunities present themselves, and FAVL typically evaluates each book purchase opportunity on a one-off basis. Included in the budget also are the expenses for finishig most of the work on the reading and computer study center that Kitengesa is building.

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